Suggested Reading

Mindfulness In Plain English

Venerable Henepola Gunaratana

“Bhante G—takes us step by step through myths, realities, and benefits of meditation and the practice of mindfulness. He reveals that we already have the foundation we need to live a more mindful, productive and peaceful life. Bhante simply points to each tool of meditation, tell us what it does, and how to make it work.”


The Miracle Of Mindfulness

Thich Nhat Hanh

“In this beautiful, lucid guide to Buddhist meditation, Zen Master Thich Nhat Hahn’s gentle stories and exercises show that opportunities for being mindful—for being awake, aware, and focused in the present—are numerous and close at hand.”



“When we are mindful, deeply in touch with the present moment, our understanding of what is going on deepens, and we begin to be filled with acceptance, joy, peace, and love.”
–Thich Naht Hanh


Start Where You Are: A Guide to Compassionate Living

Pema Chodron

“…an indispensible handbook for cultivating fearlessness and awakening a compassionate heart. With insight and humor, Pema Chodron presents down to earth guidance on how to make friends with ourselves and develop genuine compassion toward others…shows how we can ‘start where we are’ by embracing rather than denying the painful aspects of our lives.


Wherever You Go There You Are

Jon Kabat-Zinn

“‘Mindfulness is the art of paying attention, of listening to your heart. Rather than withdrawing from the world, meditation can help you enjoy it more fully, more effectively, and more peacefully.’ Jon Kabat-Zinn provides access to the essence of meditation and its applications for the beginner and those wishing to deepen and expand their awareness.”


Loving-Kindness: The Revolutionary Art of Happiness

Sharon Salzburg

“Drawing on simple Buddhist teaching, wisdom stories from various traditions, guided meditation practices, and her own experiences, the author shows how each one of us can cultivate love, compassion, joy, and equanimity—the four ‘heavenly abodes’ of traditional Buddhism.”


A Path With Heart

Jack Kornfield

“Perhaps the most important book yet written on meditation, the process of inner transformation, and the integration of spiritual practice into our American way of life, A Path With Heart brings alive one by one the challenges of spiritual living in the modern world.”


Radical Acceptance

Tara Brach

“A psychotherapist and Buddhist meditation teacher in the tradition of Jack Kornfield, author Brach offers readers a rich compendium of stories and techniques to help people awaken from what she calls ‘the trance of unworthiness’… offers myriad examples of how our pain can become a doorway to love and liberation.”’—Publishers Weekly


One Breath At A Time: Buddhism and the Twelve Steps

Kevin Griffin

“Meditation teacher and author Griffin discovered that his Buddhist practice deepened as a result of the 12-step program that freed him from addiction. In examining the relationship of Buddhism and the steps, he learned to escape spiritual traps endemic to the culture of addiction, namely, instant gratification and nihilism.”—Publishers Weekly


Insight Meditation: A Step-By-Step Course on How to Meditate

Sharon Salzberg and Joseph Goldstein

“Learn at home, at your own pace, with this complete curriculum. Course includes: A 240-page Insight Meditation workbook, two 70-minute compact discs, and twelve Insight study cards.”

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